But I'm Hard to Fit....

Know your size but can't find the right fit? Are you frustrated with bra shopping so you find the closest fit and walk out the door never to put that bra on again? Are you living with ONE bra because it's the only one that has ever fit you? 

Stop sewing that underwire back in to keep the bra alive!! Most women are hard to fit. It's very rare a woman can walk in, put on a bra in her size and have it truly feel right!

Touching breast tissue, wide set breasts, a concave chest, weight loss and the length of your torso are all things to consider when searching for the right fit; When you add in fabric sensitivity, allergies and personal preferences it's no wonder this process can be infuriating! 

At Black to Basics we strive to have options for every woman and if we don't have it we will search for it, because we know how important to your every day life a good bra really is. 

No bra is one size fits all so give us a chance to help you find what you didn't even know you were looking for!